The Razor's Edge was named in honor and memory of Ralph and Tim Roach, (Steve's cousin and Uncle)
aspires to immolate their mastery in this field of service to the people of our community. In doing so, he offers a full range of haircuts for men and boys. Steve is a professionally-trained Master Barber with more than 30 years of professionalism in the hair industry.  Kate is the supervisor of the Razor's Edge at 1511 E. Tenth Street, while, Steve, the owner has moved to Goodfellas Barber Shop in the Granada Shopping Center. Whether at the tenth street location or the Granada Shopping Center, you will be warmly welcomed whether itís your first meeting or you've been known you for years. Everyone's goal is not only to give you best haircut in the State of New Mexico; but to make every visit a positive, uplifting experience for you.

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